Bulk SMS System
Automate & preset personalised SMS's for future sending to clients
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How does the SMS Reminders System Work?

You Setup a Series of Personalised SMS's once and then let the system do all the hard work!

Imagine you're a doctor, and your receptionist is answering the calls and making appointments. Imagine if as soon as that appointment was made you could rest assured that your valued client would receive a series of personal messages, reminding them of their appointment and also thanking them afterwards! This is EXACTLY what we do for you.

You simply decide how many messages you want to send and when they should be sent, both before and after your clients appointment. Each message contains custom fields making the personal touch even greater.

When a client calls to book you simply capture their name and cell number and rest assured that our system will take care of the rest.

You save money, impress your clients and take your business to the next level! "Beep Beep", its that simple!

Bulk SMS - Reminder System