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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) Why can't I send messages before 7am or after 9pm?

A) We took the decision to disable this when we built the system. Our experience has shown that messages which are sent before 7am or after 9pm, annoy the people who receive them.

Q) Can I send messages when my credit count hits "0"?

A) Unfortunately not, but for your convenience, we have developed an online payment system. All you need is a credit card and you can buy new credits and send messages immediately.

Q) Can I send messages from Outlook?

A) No. We debated this when we built SMS Reminders, but decided that there was a larger need for a system which could be accessed anywhere and from any computer. So we built this web based tool, specially for you!

Q) Can I receive replies on SMS Reminders!

A) Absolutely! When you log in to your dash board, you will see a button called "View sent and received messages". It's all stored there, just click and view!

Q) Can I pay manually for SMS Reminders or must I go on debit order?

A) Clients who have been with us for a year or longer can apply to upgrade to a manual payment if they wish. Otherwise, you must go on debit order or recurring credit card debits.

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